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CRETEATION- Concrete Soap Holder


Modern with clean and simple lines. Self draining cement dish for bar soaps, its hand cast, sanded sealed and rubber feet are placed on the bottom to give it some height off your surface but also to protect your surface and allow it to drain easier. Your soap will last longer because of the draining capabilities but also the water absorbing properties of the concrete material itself is perfect resting place for your soap. Its highly functional and stylish. Made with a high quality cement that is formulated for indoors and made in small batches. It is also stronger than concrete because there isn't any sand in it. (Does not make it unbreakable, everything with enough force can be broken) ❤ Made to order. ❤ 4 - 3/4" long ❤ 2 - 3/4" wide ❤ 3/4" thick ❤ Sealed with a food safe, water based sealer that is formulated for concrete and cement, does not make it water proof but helps repel the absorption of the water. ❤ My concrete pieces are strong but fragile at the same time, if you drop it might break or chip. Each piece is unique and each piece is made to order, the color you see in the pictures might differ either lighter or darker During the cement setting and curing process the mixture can contain air bubbles which result in air bubble markings this is a natural occurrence and not a defect.

CRETEATION- Concrete Soap Holder

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Eirika (エイリーク, Eirik in the Japanese version) is a playable character and a protagonist in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. She is the only daughter of King Fado of Renais, and the younger twin sister of Prince Ephraim.

When Renais is attacked by Grado, King Fado makes Eirika leave the castle with his trusted knight, Seth. After traveling to Frelia and learning that her father has been killed, she vows to find and keep her brother safe. With the assistance of King Hayden, she eventually reunites with her brother Ephraim and decides to split route on the journey to secure the Sacred Stones and defeat the evil forces to bring peace to Magvel.

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Did you know that...
...Leo and Leon swap their names between the original Japanese and International appearances?
...the first ever non-physical item ever sold on Amazon Mexico was an Ike amiibo?
...Cherche was the first character designed for Fire Emblem Awakening?
...the story of Fire Emblem: Three Houses is partially inspired by the friendship of Sigurd, Quan, and Eldigan from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War?
...the development team of Fire Emblem Warriors planned to have Celica before they knew of the existence of the remake of Gaiden?
...Lucina was originally supposed to be an alternate costume for Marth in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U?

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